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Mobile Wifi: Autonet

The Basics
Let Movin' On Sounds & Security, Inc. transform your car into a mobile office with internet.
  • Provides high speed internet access in any vehicle
  • A must have for RV's, Executive limos, and family SUV's alike
  • Small Unit can fit under a seat
  • Multiple users gain internet access simultaneously
  • Works with all laptops equipped with wifi
  • Low monthly fee costs you less than your air card does
  • Works great with the iPod touch

Here's what you can do with 1gb or 5gb of data per month*
File Size
Approximate Volume
at 1gb-$29/mo
Approximate Volume
at 5gb-$59/mo
email (1 text page/ no attachments) 3kb >3500,000 emails >1.7 million emails
typical web page lookup 150kb >6,000 pages >30,000 pages
photo (low-resolution digital) 500kb >2,000 photos >10,000 photos
music (3 minute song) 4mb >240 songs >1,200 songs
*actual usage volumes and sizes of data applications vary widely.

Frequently Asked Questions [CLICK HERE]


Will Autonet Mobile work in my area?
Autonet Mobile runs over the largest nationwide 3G network and is available all over the United States.

How much is Autonet Mobile?
Monthly subscription starts at $29 a month for 1GB of data. A 5GB data plan is also available for $59 a month.

Is a service contract required?
Yes, a 1-year service contract is required.

Which WiFi devices work with Autonet Mobile?
All Wi-Fi enabled devices will work with Autonet Mobile. Macs, laptops, PSPs, PDAs, iPhone, iPod Touch, PDAs, etc.

Is Autonet Mobile easy to use?
It's very easy to use. No software or setup required. It works like any other WiFi hotspot. Just connect, launch your browser and surf.

Does Autonet Mobile provide a secure connection?
Yes. Your WiFi connection is secured with WEP encryption, MAC address restriction or WAN port restriction. Also supports VPN pass-through. Public hotspots do not offer security. WPA2 will be available in a few months.

What kind of speeds can I expect?
Over the 3G network, download speeds average from 400kps-800kps. Upload ranges from 128kps-300kps.  When not on 3G the average download is 120kps-200kps and 50kps-100kps for upload.

What is the range of the Autonet Mobile router?
You can access the router from 100-150ft.

Can I monitor how much data I use?
My Autonet Mobile allows you to take a closer look at your router's usage and to test threshold limits to notify you when you're close to reaching the usage you set.

Can I move the Autonet Mobile router to another car?
Yes. The other car would also need to be hardwired so you can connect the router to the wires.

Will Autonet Mobile work with my existing cell phone carrier?
Autonet Mobile is the Internet Service Provider and does not work with your existing carrier. You will need to subscribe to our service in order to take advantage of having a Wi-Fi hotspot in your car.


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